avatarI write this post with great enthusiasm. I already told you earlier this year that I was working on a personal project that is now completed. It’s been long time dedicated to development, fighting with the technical side and looking back I realize that the work is done and now I can introduce it to you.

This is my APP Guide Your Talent, which is a test of employability where you can evaluate, understand and improve your chances of employability, analyzing your search process or career change.

The idea came long ago and remained on my list of projects until I decided to go ahead with it. This was thanks to a friend of mine, Ana Hernandez, who had recently launched its Cotton APP Test. January this year I told her my idea and shared with me her experience and recommendations. Thus, began a process of reflection and individual work. From May to November I have worked hard to create, review, amend and consolidate this project. It been an amazing experience that allowed me to start something from scratch and complete it. I consider it a similar experience to writing a book … but in an environment of the 21st century.

The focus is clear. Many people, when in a period of changing work comes, wonder how employable they are.

This app is free and its mission is to help you to be effective in your job search; it is available for Android and IOS devices.

I could have raised a short version but I opted for a more complete one that explores further the next 10 blocks:

pantallainformeareas1. Search Habits.

2. Training (academic and supplementary).

3. Professional experience.

4. Skills (language and technical).

5. Entrepreneurial Concerns.

6. Your appropriateness to needs of the professional sector.

7. Career goal.

8. Professional and salary expectations.

9. Attitude

10. Search scope.

Altogether there are 48 questions, selected and formulated after taking into account various factors and based on my experience in this field. But don’t worry… Most of the questions are «yes» or «no» and very few of them, I give several answers to choose from. No need to develop text. If you need clarification, each question includes an additional information button that explains more what the question is about.

At the end of the test, a report will be generated and you can consult it either in full and / or parts; to have an easy read, you can send it to your email address in pdf, where you will be able to easily identify different points to keep improving your employability, giving you clues as to which points should be worked on.

Another added value is that this APP is available in Spanish and English, that is, you can take in both languages, to make it more accessible to English speaking people.

pantallanuevoYou can take as many tests as you want and you can go at your own pace. I know that it will take a little time to answer all those questions, so you can stop doing the test at any time and return to the point you left it at a later stage.

You have all the relevant information available on the APP in its landing page, www.guideyourtalent.com where you can download the APP directly. Alternatively, you can use the usual appstore for Android  or applestore for IOS 

I also want to add that the APP had not been possible without the invaluable help and the work of Javier Dalmau in the development, Maria Serrano in the app design and José Ángel Esteban in the translation. Their support and involvement have been crucial to the project. I enjoyed these excellent travel companions with whom I hit it off from the start. Undoubtedly, I would team up with them in a future adventure.

The official presentation of the APP will be January 20th, 2016 in Zaragoza Activa, details of which I will give you shortly.

Now I only need you to try this Beta version and please, give me your feedback on https://www.facebook.com/GuideYourTalent/ and/or on Twitter @guideyourtalent

For anything else you can contact me: contacto@juanmartinezdesalinas.com